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Terms of Use of the S5S System

Main provisions

  1. Introduction 

1.1. This document (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) contains the main provisions concerning the operation of the System s5s and work in it.

1.2. The Rules define the principles and conditions under which the Administrator, for the remuneration, provides the Client (the person accepting the Rules) access to the System Services, collecting fees in accordance with the established procedure in accordance with the Tariffs, and the Client, in turn, undertakes to use the System and its Services in accordance Rules

1.3. The Rules are the official public offer of the Administrator, addressed to legally capable persons (including individuals who have reached the age of majority) on the provision of the possibility of using the System and its Services.

1.4. Moments that are not reflected in the Rules, the Administrator may regulate with his internal procedures and documents  providing access to information about them to a specific Client upon his written, informed request.

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